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Salmon from the Faroe Islands

Faroe Seafood has for many years been marketing FAROE own brand salmon portions & whole salmon from the Faroe Islands, and therefore welcome the new 'Salmon from the Faroe Islands' marketing campaign from the Faroe Fish Farmers Association.

Salmon from the Faroe Islands

As a proud member of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers, the Faroe Fish Farmers Association has introduced practice and policies that ensure farming of the highest standard. This combined with the fish meal from the modern, Global GAP approved and internationally renowned producer Havsbrun, supplies salmon of the highest quality. more...

Established more than 60-years ago, Faroe Seafood with it's 'state of art' fishing vessels, harvesting and production expertise bring quality fresh and frozen salmon from the Faroe Islands along with other fish species.

With a full range of sizes and availability, Faroe Seafood offers supplies to all food sectors and has built a strong business based on quality, service, reliability and trust. Smokers have discovered that the 'low fat' Faeroes Salmon is ideal for purpose and has remained consistent throughout the years